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Following are answers to some of our frequently asked questions. If you do not find the information you need, please feel free to contact us.

Are retreats offered at no cost, and what is included in the retreat?

Yes. Retreats are offered at no cost to our participants. Included in the retreat (at no cost) is 2-nights lodging, all meals, use of equipment, retreat materials, and instruction. Please note: Participants who wish to purchase alcoholic beverages are responsible for covering the cost of any such beverages during the retreat. Hope on the Rise does not pay for the purchase of alcoholic beverages.

What do I do if I have dietary restrictions?

If you are selected to attend a retreat, you will be required to complete and submit a participant information form. Please indicate any dietary restrictions and requirements on this form. Our retreat volunteers will work with the lodging facility to make the necessary arrangements to accommodate your requests. In most cases, we are able to accommodate dietary requests.

Am I required to purchase a fishing license?

Yes. All retreat participants are required to purchase a fishing license prior to attending the retreat. Licenses for our summer retreat at Tall Timber Lodge can be purchased at the lodge. Participants will receive detail information about purchasing a license prior to attending a retreat.

Does Hope on the Rise provide fly fishing gear?

Yes. Hope on the Rise will provide all fly fishing gear for your use during the retreat.

If I own my own fly fishing gear, can I use my gear during the retreat?

Yes. If you own fly fishing gear and would prefer to use it during the retreat, we encourage you to do so.

Am I allowed to bring a pet to the retreat?

Unfortunately, no pets are allowed at our retreats except service animals that are specifically trained to aid a person with disabilities.

How challenging are the activities during the retreat?

Fly fishing is a physical activity. Participants will need to be able to walk short distances and participate in instructional activities such as fly casting and wading in water. Our retreat schedule is steady-paced. That said, we encourage participants to enjoy the retreat at their level of comfort. Retreat participants are not required to attend all retreat activities. Our goal is to provide a healing, safe, enjoyable experience.

Can I bring a companion to the retreat?

No. Each retreat is limited to 14 participants who have been randomly selected to attend. Participants are not allowed to bring a companion.

Can I get transportation to a retreat?

Our retreat staff will try to accommodate your request for transportation to/from a retreat. In most cases, we are able to pair participants with other participants who will be attending a retreat.

hat kind of accommodations are available at a retreat?

Women attending our retreats will share a room with another participant. If participants need a private room, we will do all we can to accommodate these requests. Private rooms should only be requested when there is a specific medical/physical need. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a private room. Accommodations at our summer retreat (Tall Timber Lodge) are located on the second floor of the lodge. Participants will need to be able to navigate stairs. Accommodations at our fall retreat (Lake Mansfield Trout Club) are located on multiple floors. A limited number of first floor rooms are available. As always, our retreat volunteers will do all we can to accommodate individual needs. Participants will also be required to share a bathroom. At Tall Timber Lodge, there are extremely limited private bathrooms. All bathrooms shared at Tall Timber are shared among the retreat participants. Bathrooms shared at the Lake Mansfield Trout Club are shared with participants and with lodge guests.

Do I need to have previous fly fishing experience to attend a retreat?

No. Our retreats provide an overview of the basic skills and essentials needed to get started with fly fishing.

Where will we fish?

Fishing locations will vary, depending on weather, water conditions, and retreat logistics. Typically, the first full day of the retreat will include an afternoon of instructional fly fishing on a lake or pond. Wading may be required. On the last day of the retreat, participants typically fish in a river or stream. Fishing locations will be determined at the retreat and will be selected to provide the safest experience for retreat participants.

Will we fish from boats?

No. We do not fish from boats at any of our retreats.

Can I attend more than one Hope on the Rise retreat?

Unfortunately, this is a one-time experience. Hope on the Rise limits retreats to 14 women for each retreat, which means that many applicants are turned away each year. Our goal is to offer our retreat experience to as many women as possible.

Can I attend more than one Hope on the Rise retreat?

Unfortunately, this is a one-time experience. Hope on the Rise limits retreats to 14 women for each retreat, which means that many applicants are turned away each year. Our goal is to offer our retreat experience to as many women as possible.

Can I re-apply for a retreat if I am not selected?

Absolutely! Applicants who are not selected will be notified by a retreat volunteer. We strongly encourage you to re-apply for another Hope on the Rise retreat!

If I have a friend/family member who is also a cancer survivor, can we both apply to attend a retreat?

Absolutely! However, participants are randomly selected, so there is no guarantee that a friend/family member who also applies will be selected.

Does it matter when I received my cancer diagnosis?

No. We encourage any women who has received a cancer diagnosis to apply for a retreat. Please note that we currently offer retreats to women who are residents of Vermont and/or New Hampshire.

Are my financial contributions tax deductible?

Yes. Hope on the Rise is a tax- exempt organization under the 501(c)(3) section of the IRS.

How do my financial contributions help Hope on the Rise?

Your financial contribution helps provide the opportunity for someone to participate, at no cost, in a Hope on the Rise retreat. Hope on the Rise is operated entirely by volunteers. Our entire retreat team (retreat planning, retreat staff, river helpers, etc.) are all individuals who donate their time to coordinate, manage and implement retreats. Currently, ??? percent of all contributions directly support the opportunity for women to attend a retreat at no cost.

How can I make a contribution?

Please visit our Become a Friend page to learn more about the various ways you can support Hope on the Rise.

Are there other ways I can help?

Yes. There are numerous ways to help!

Volunteer – If you are interested in supporting Hope on the Rise through volunteer work, please contact Mary Ward at Volunteer opportunities include working on our retreat staff, fundraising, becoming a river helper, and many more. For details, please contact Mary.

Retreat Flies – Are you a fly tyer? Hope on the Rise is always in need of flies for our retreats. This can be a great project for an individual or for fly tying clubs who are interested in helping support our mission. Please contact Mary Ward at for information on the fly selections needed for our retreats.

Supplies – As a non-profit organization, we are always in need of organizational supplies. If you are a business or individual who would like to donate office supplies, we would love to hear from you! Please contact Mary Ward at for information.

Fly Fishing Equipment – Hope on the Rise provides all of the fly fishing equipment needed for our retreats. If you have gently used or new equipment that you would like to donate, please contact Mary Ward at for information.