In the Fall of 2013, one year into my Breast Cancer Diagnosis…reeling from 4 surgeries, numerous treatments, infusions, over 75 visits to Dana Farber, loss of my livelihood, lack of health insurance and growing financial issues…with my medical team portending more of the same for the upcoming 12 months…I was selected as a participant with HOTR. I could not know… in my mental and physical fog of fatigue, anxiety and overwhelming fear…how life changing this HOTR Retreat would be for me.

The magic began upon arrival and never stopped. The setting so beautiful it made me cry, a warm, kindly and knowledgeable HOTR staff, comforting accommodations, delicious meals, connecting and sharing with fellow survivors, smiles, hugs and joy all around…oh yeah! and there was fly fishing, casting, knot tying lessons, waders, boots and a deep immersion into the healing powers of the outdoors…fresh air, wooded paths, a lake, a river… restorative Nature everywhere!

I could not have imagined a more perfect experience…or how it would fortify me for months to come. Healing laughter, a time out, being present with so many strong and vibrant women…restored my spirit. I still draw strength from my weekend with the HOTR staff (and participants)…and have never met women more devoted to their cause and supportive of each other. This group is all heart all day long. I was healed from the inside out and I hope they are able to provide these amazing retreats for many more Cancer Survivors for many more years.

Thank you Hope on the Rise…your gift to me, my soul and my family was immeasurable.

– Lisa Mimi Young
Past Participant, Volunteer